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Vanilla is not just an additional ingredient in cake or bread making.
We are accustomed to using vanilla in making cakes or bread. Its distinctive aroma will add to the delicacy of the cake or bread itself.

However, vanilla turns out to have health benefits that are not widely known because, so far, people use it more often as a complementary ingredient in making cakes and bread.

However, the use of vanilla abroad is not limited to complementary ingredients. The benefits of vanilla are used in maintaining health.

Interesting Facts About Vanilla

As we know, we often use vanilla as a complementary ingredient in making cakes or bread. Well, do you know that the vanilla powder that is commonly sold in Indonesia is not made from real vanilla?
The majority of vanilla powder sold on the market there is just artificial flavors.  It is very difficult to find pure vanilla extract or vanilla powder in Indonesia.

Why is that so? Is it because vanillas are rare in Indonesia? The answer is, no.
Interestingly, Indonesia is the second-largest vanilla producer in the world after Madagascar. However, the majority of the vanilla crop is directly exported abroad.
Countries that import vanillas from Indonesia then process the beans into vanilla extract and vanilla paste and sell those processed vanillas back to Indonesia.
Vanilla crops are rarely sold locally in Indonesia because the demand is low compared to other countries.

Besides the various benefits in the world of baking and bread, vanilla also has positive effects on health.
The following describes the benefits of vanilla for body health, which are:

1. Vanilla can improve brain function
Vanilla is believed to be able to improve brain function. Vanilla can help in maintaining focus.

2. Vanilla is beneficial for cardiovascular health
The next benefit of vanilla is that it can maintain cardiovascular health.
Vanilla has an active ingredient called vanillin. This substance helps to control cholesterol in the body so that it can prevent coronary disease.

3. Vanilla is good for skin health and beauty
For women, skin health and beauty is very important.
You can get the benefits from vanilla as it contains antioxidant properties that will protect the skin from damage caused by pollution.

4. Vanilla as an anti-inflammatory
Like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and other anti-inflammatory herbs, vanilla can also be anti-inflammatory.
So, vanilla can help relieve inflammation.

5. Vanilla can reduce stress
Vanilla is used as aromatherapy to reduce stress. In one study, the vanillin content in vanilla had properties like fluoxetine which is commonly used in drugs to treat depression or obsessive-compulsive problems. Therefore, vanilla has the use for maintaining mental health.


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