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Philia was established as the brand of our product. Taken from a Greek word PHILIA is usually translated as friendship or affection. Philia is also defined as an intentional response to promote well-being when cooperating with or befriending others.
It suits the kind of relationship that Philia hopes to build with its formers and also buyers. Not merely a shallow relationship between the buyer and the seller, but a more solid bond that leads to mutualism between Philia, the farmers and the buyers.


Why Vanilla?

Vanilla has been the most popular flavour in the world. The International Ice Cream Association puts vanilla at the top of the chart as first choice of 29 percent of ice-cream lovers. Being the most adored flavour by people, vanilla is also the second most expensive spice in the world.

In 2016, Indonesia was the second largest vanilla producing country, with an output of 2,304 tons of vanilla beans.

Vanilla industry is one of the world’s most volatile markets. This is due to its intensively – involved methods of cultivation. History records that the price was as high as $ 500 per kilogram in 2003. By 2010, however, price had plummeted to less than $ 25 per kilogram.

Our Farmers

Farmers who supply us come from various islands across Indonesia

They are all local vanilla farmers who have the experience of cultivating the plants over generations as the plantations are usually passed from their parents. They use traditional ways in cultivating the vines. The vines grow naturally in the wild and without the use of any kinds of chemical fertilizers. Before supplying Philia, those farmers did not commit in harvesting the beans maturely. This was a result of both poverty and pressure given by middle-men. Over time, this practice has lowered the quality of the crops

History of Philia

Living up to its name as an agricultural country, vanilla vines grow well across Indonesia.

Most vanilla still comes from small farms and in remote areas. It makes it difficult for the farmers to sell their corps. Seeing the opportunity, middlemen arose offering solution that helps the farmers in delivering the crops to potential buyers.

What appeared as solution in the beginning slowly turned into a new problem. Those middlemen began to control the price that the farmers get much less money for their beans. The most profit goes to the middlemen because of this, despite the high price, most farmers remain poor.

When vanilla price started to recover, Philia had the faith that Indonesia has the potential to regain its glory as a vanilla-producing country. Stories of middlemen also triggered Philia to accommodate vanilla farmers. Philia hopes to establish a fair price for the farmers because they deserve a better life.


Making sure that none but mature beans are harvested.


Establishing cooperative partnership with Indonesian farmers to empower them.


Supporting fair price and working on sustainability by balancing the cycle of the nature.


To become a leading vanilla supllier who serves the global market as well as working on ecosystem balance and the welfare of Indonesia farmers.


1. Serving the global market with the best quality;
2. Establishing cooperative partnership with Indonesian farmers to empower them;
3. Supporting fair-trade and working on sustainability by balancing the cycle of the nature.

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