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Vanilla is a tropical climbing vine of the orchid family, grown for its pleasant flavor. Vanilla is one of the costliest spices in the market after saffron and grows with the support of bark of trees.
October 30, 2020

The vanilla bean, obtained from Vanilla planifolia and Vanilla tahitensis, members of the Orchidaceae family, is the source of vanilla extract, one of the most desired and widely used food flavorings worldwide. Besides uses of vanilla in foods, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals, it has complementary medicinal applications including alleviation of fever, spasms, and gastrointestinal irritations, to name a few. However, support from the scientific literature for human health benefits of vanilla and its chemical constituents vanillin and vanillic acid is limited and preliminary. This narrative review provides a summary of findings from human and animal studies addressing potential health benefits of the extract of this bean and select extract components.

October 30, 2020

During the holiday season, we come in contact with a wide variety of recipes which call for vanilla in some form or fashion. These recipes may not specify which type of vanilla to use, and if you are new to using spices that are not sold with a generic “vanilla” label on them, this may be a little bit confusing. We’re here to help you decided which type of vanilla is best for the dish or dessert you are making and to answer some other questions you might have.

October 10, 2020

There’s a little waffling here: one source claims that actually it’s Democrats who prefer vanilla, while Republicans go for chocolate; and a Baskin-Robbins poll found that there’s a substantial contingent in the Southwest that shuns both in favor of mint chocolate chip.  On the other hand, the International Ice Cream Association, which should know, puts vanilla at the top of the charts as first choice of 29 percent of ice-cream eaters, feebly followed by chocolate (8.9 percent), butter pecan (5.3 percent), and strawberry (5.3 percent).

September 18, 2020

Vanilla is not just an additional ingredient in cake or bread making.
We are accustomed to using vanilla in making cakes or bread. Its distinctive aroma will add to the delicacy of the cake or bread itself.

However, vanilla turns out to have health benefits that are not widely known because, so far, people use it more often as a complementary ingredient in making cakes and bread.

However, the use of vanilla abroad is not limited to complementary ingredients. The benefits of vanilla are used in maintaining health.

September 2, 2020


  • Vanilla vines grow 30-50 ft tall, supported by a host tree or posts.
  • Must be grown in a hot, moist, tropical climate, 75°-85°F.
  • Grows only 10-20° North or South of the Equator.
  • The vanilla vine is an orchid which is indigenous to South Eastern Mexico. Dating back to Cortez’s conquest of the Aztec Kingdom in 1519, it is one of the most ancient flavors.
  • Many people have tried to re-locate the vanilla plant but initially failed because those locations did not have the Melipone Bee. Now, in other parts of the world, humans must hand-pollinate the vanilla vines.
  • A stick, the size of a toothpick is used to hand-pollinate the vanilla beans.
  • It is possible to grow the same vanilla vine in Madagascar, Indonesia, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea and India, but all five cured beans have their own distinctive flavor due to differing soil and climate conditions.

August 8, 2020

Tanah Nusantara (red: Indonesia) was once well known in the world for its spice production. One of the most valuable is vanilla. In the world, Indonesian vanilla is recognized as the highest quality and has even defeated the country of origin vanilla, Perneli or Panili, Mexico. Crossed by the equator with the sun's orbit that is so close, Indonesian vanilla is loved by the world.

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