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Best Quality Vanilla Beans

Philia specializes in Indonesian planifolia andrews vanilla beans. Vines are grown traditionally all over Indonesia. The beans are picked after they are mature and sorted before and after curing process to ensure the quality. Another way to ensure it is by sending samples of each new crop to the laboratory to have the vanillin content checked.
We serve orders for both retails and large quantity worldwide.

Vanilla Planifolia

Vanilla Planifolia is the most popular vanilla species in the world. Its scent may vary depending on where the beans are grown. Today Indonesia becomes the second largest producer in the world since vanilla planifolia is grown in many parts of Indonesia.
  1. Gourmet Beans

    Also called as prime beans, it is the best of quality vanilla beans can have. It is best used in pastries, cakes and ice cream. The beans are supple with moisture content around 30%, fully bodied and dark brown in color. Some of them can be black. They are known to have a strong, sweet and smoky scent.Also called as prime beans, it is the best of quality vanilla beans can have. Beans are carefully hand selected even before we start the curing process. Maturity of the beans plays an important role to enable us to have full-body and full-flavor beans. With moisture content range from 30-35%, the beans are supple, slick and usually black in color.

  2. Extract Beans

    Extract of PlanifoliaIt has less moisture content compared to the gourmet beans (around or sometimes below 25%). The color is dark brown, less plump. Since it doesn’t contain much water, this grade is ideal for making vanilla extract.

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