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Vanilla, one of the ingredients that is often used as an additive when cooking. Its fragrant aroma can enhance the taste and aroma of food. Vanilla can be found in several forms, such as :

  1. Cured Vanilla Beans

Also known as vanilla pods, which is vanilla in the form of whole pods. The fruit of this orchid is shaped like a bean, but is flatter and darker in color. Inside are small black seeds, these seeds are used for cooking. However, the outer shell can also be used, as it still has the distinctive vanilla aroma. Cut the vanilla pod open and scrape off the seeds using the tip of a knife. Vanilla beans can be added directly to dishes, such as pudding, cake, sauce, cream and others. Sieve the mixture if you don’t want the black vanilla seeds in the cooking results.


  1. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is made by soaking vanilla beans with a mixture of alcohol and water. This reddish brown soaking water is then used to add flavor and aroma to cooking. In the market, we also know vanilla essence, made not from pure vanilla beans, but with additional chemical mixture. Therefore, read product labels carefully before buying. Vanilla extract can be mixed directly into the doughs, it can also be added to drinks.


  1. Vanilla Powder

Vanilla powder is pure, unadulterated vanilla beans made by grinding dried vanilla beans. It is stronger and more potent than vanilla extract and gives a rich, robust vanilla flavor.The color of the real vanilla powder is black. If you once saw white powder labeled vanilla powder, it is actually vanilla flavored sugar or dextrose. This was used for sprinkling on coffee or as a dusting for pastries.  Often the vanilla flavor itself did not come from real vanilla.


  1. Vanilla Sugar

Mix granulated sugar or brown sugar or powdered sugar with vanilla beans. Sugar is stored with the vanilla beans in an airtight jar / container for some time to get a fragrant vanilla aroma. This vanilla flavored sugar can be used to make cakes, puddings, or added to drinks.


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